On-the-go Sample Pack

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Descrizione del Prodotto

The Myprotein On-the-go Sample Pack contains three great tasting sample products to ensure you can maintain optimal nutritional intake when on the go. Combining our bestselling Impact Whey Protein with a delicious Protein Cookie and a convenient ONE Promilk Carton, the On-the-go Sample Pack ensures you’ll always be able to top up with some top quality protein regardless of whether you’re at work, on the pitch or in the gym.


Impact Whey Protein 25g – Chocolate Smooth
With a high protein content, minimal fat and an excellent amino acid profile, it is easy to see why Impact Whey Protein is our most popular protein supplement. This great tasting and easy-to-mix powder is a fantastic choice for those looking to enhance recovery and support muscle repair.

Protein Cookie 75g – Double Chocolate
With over 37g of protein per cookie, this great tasting soft cookie provides a great alternative to protein bars and shakes. If you’re looking to boost your daily protein content with a delicious and nutritious snack, look no further than the Myprotein Protein Cookie.

ONE Promilk 330ml - Strawberry
Containing a massive 38g of high quality protein and a rich source of BCAAs, ONE Promilk is a great tasting, convenient option to help promote repair and growth when taken as part of a structured nutrition and exercise plan. The ready-to-drink format makes ONE Promilk an ideal choice for anyone looking to consume a nutritious high protein drink to support their fitness goals.

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Vantaggi Principali

  • Alta qualità delle proteine e buon sapore
  • Aumenta la massa magra e il recupero
  • Nutrizionalmente equilibrato per le persone attive

Uso Consigliato

Please see individual product pages for details.


Please see individual product pages for details.

Informazioni Nutrizionali

Please see individual product pages for details.

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On-the-go Sample Pack

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On-the-go Sample Pack
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