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Allenamento culturismo | Tutte Le Cose da Sapere

Allenamento culturismo | Tutte Le Cose da Sapere
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Bodybuilding training

There are those who think that the perfect bodybuilding routine exists somewhere. The all-encompassing work sheet that guarantees the achievement of a perfect body in the shortest possible time.

But in reality such a routine cannot exist for a very simple reason: the body, with its needs, its reactions, its metabolic processes, is in a constant state of change.

And with this in mind, the method to be used to achieve change should be updated whenever the needs of the body change.

Whether you want to increase your size, build good muscles, lose weight, increase definition or improve your shape, the routine must always be specially prepared for the purpose in question.

It has often been said that a missed training session can no longer be regained. The same goes for a job that hasn't been designed to create the best possible physique.

Before adopting or preparing for a routine, you need to verify that it is correct for you.

Are we not achieving the goals we have set for ourselves? In this case it is clear that you are just wasting your time and that you should review your training.

A routine should not be confused with a simple list of exercises, the number of sets, repetitions or "reps", the degree of intensity of the exercise, the rhythm, the style, the mental attitude, the own ability to improve and also the equipment itself.

Bodybuilding Workout Workout: Intensity and Cheating

The intensity of training is determined by the increase in load in an exercise and is one of the crucial factors for the development of lean body mass.

The famous bodybuilder Mentzer believed in training with maximum load. His philosophy stemmed from the scientific conclusion that a muscle increases in size when it is regularly subjected to an ever greater load.

It is important to apply the principle of overload to your training, in such a way as to increase its intensity or decrease the time between one series and another or even increase the number of evenings performed.

Each following set tests the muscle in a different way from the previous set.

However, it is necessary to recognize one's limitations, it is not beneficial to do 20 sets of heavy squats if it then takes two weeks to recover, it would in fact be counterproductive.

Progress must be made in small steps. You shouldn't suddenly throw yourself into an overly intense overload workout, you could almost get sick of it, you have to recognize your limits.

An excess of enthusiasm on the part of the athlete could in fact lead him, without himself noticing it, to deteriorate the style of execution of the exercise only in order to increase the load.

In this case, the bodybuilder tends to approach the "cheating" system, which is a way of lifting weights using an additional movement of the body or a larger group of muscles to complete the repetitions.

For example, a "cheating" curl is an exercise in which you lean forward as you begin to rotate the dumbbells, bend your arms, and when the weight begins to rise, you lean back to take advantage of the weight. momentum.

Unlike the "rigorous" method, in which a muscle is worked in all its possible range of motion, in "cheating" a larger group of muscles is called to help.

These muscles do not benefit from the movement performed, however, precisely because they have come to the aid, the simplest part of an exercise - when performed rigorously - can become the most difficult part when performed with the "cheating" method.

In other words, "cheating" can be a positive aid, but you need to know how much to use it and even more when.

Order of Execution of Exercises for Bodybuilding Training

The order in which the exercises are performed is important, although not all authorities agree on this.

While there are exceptions, there is a general tendency to make a large area of ​​muscles work first in a routine, while there is still maximum energy, reducing to the easiest (smaller) areas as you progress through the tab. .

In fact, during leg training it is highly unlikely to relegate squat sets to the last part of the routine.

However, some champions tend to start their training with the exercise they like best, without following an order of muscle training priority.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you are concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or making major changes to your diet.

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