Workout Fuel Pack

BUON COMPLEANNO MYPROTEIN - Fino al 75% di Sconto SU TUTTO! + Shaker Edizione Limitata GRATIS con 60€! Nessun Codice Richiesto

BUON COMPLEANNO MYPROTEIN - Fino al 75% di Sconto SU TUTTO! Nessun Codice Richiesto

+ Shaker Edizione Limitata GRATIS con 60€ di spesa - Nessun Codice Richiesto

Sei stato invitato alla nostra Festa di Compleanno e per questo motive oggi ti diamo un’ unica ed esclusiva offerta Fino al 75% di Sconto su tutto! 

Offerta valida per un periodo di tempo limitato soltanto. Massimo sconto consentito 75€ per ordine. Solo un codice per ordine. Vedi il sito per tutti i termini e condizioni. L' omaggio apparira' automaticamente nel tuo carrello una volta raggiunto il minimo spesa richiesto.



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Descrizione del Prodotto

The Myprotein Workout Fuel Sample Pack contains three high quality supplements designed to help you get the most from your workout. The combination of Pulse® V4, Exceed and Recovery XS will provide you with the nutrients you need pre, during and post-exercise to help take your training to the next level.


Pulse® V4 17g – Berry Blast
Pulse® V4 is our most powerful pre-workout to date, designed to provide unrivalled energy and focus to ensure you get maximum benefit from each and every workout. Each 17g serving provides 9.2g of our exclusive ‘Perform and Pump’ blend, combining Creapure®, AAKG, Beta Alanine, and Citrulline Malate to give you an unrivalled and prolonged muscular vascularity.

Exceed® 20g – Tropical Storm
Now with the additional inclusion of electrolytes to improve hydration, Exceed is the ideal supplement to use during intense exercise. Exceed provides an advanced blend of amino acids and electrolytes devised to promote energy production, increase strength and endurance, enhance the recovery process and boost lean growth.

Recovery XS (RTS) 90g- Chocolate Smooth
Packed with some of the finest carbohydrates and protein available, Recovery XS will help promote muscle growth, increase recovery rate and have you back in the gym at your best in no time, making it the perfect post-workout recovery solution.

Vantaggi Principali

  • Migliora le prestazioni nell allenamento
  • Aumenta l'energia e la concentrazione
  • Supporta il recupero e la riparazione muscolare

Uso Consigliato

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Please see individual product pages for details.

Informazioni Nutrizionali

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Workout Fuel Pack

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Workout Fuel Pack