Pacchetto Allenamento invernale - Fragola

BUON COMPLEANNO MYPROTEIN - Fino al 75% di Sconto SU TUTTO! + Shaker Edizione Limitata GRATIS con 60€! Nessun Codice Richiesto

BUON COMPLEANNO MYPROTEIN - Fino al 75% di Sconto SU TUTTO! Nessun Codice Richiesto

+ Shaker Edizione Limitata GRATIS con 60€ di spesa - Nessun Codice Richiesto

Sei stato invitato alla nostra Festa di Compleanno e per questo motive oggi ti diamo un’ unica ed esclusiva offerta Fino al 75% di Sconto su tutto! 

Offerta valida per un periodo di tempo limitato soltanto. Massimo sconto consentito 75€ per ordine. Solo un codice per ordine. Vedi il sito per tutti i termini e condizioni. L' omaggio apparira' automaticamente nel tuo carrello una volta raggiunto il minimo spesa richiesto.



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Descrizione del Prodotto

The Winter Workout Bundle is the ideal pack for anyone looking to bulk-up over the winter period and help support a healthy immune function in periods when it is most likely to be suppressed during the cold climates. This unique bundle contains a combination of 6 different products to also help fuel your training sessions throughout the winter period and assist with recovery through intense periods of training and when the body is under a great deal of stress. This bundle includes 2.5kg of Hurricane XS (Strawberry) an ‘all-in-one’ supplement which has a high protein content which will contribute to growth and maintenance of muscle and a carbohydrate blend of dextrose and instant oats to help fuel your workouts and increase total calorie intake. It also has the addition of creatine monohydrate (Creapure®) and HMB to help increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise and reduce muscle breakdown. This bundle also has 90 capsules of Zinc and Magnesium which will aid recovery and help to promote sleep, 90 Tablets of BCAA Plus to prevent muscle catabolism, 330g of Total Nutri-Greens which contains a host of vitamins and minerals to support the immune system during the cold climate, and finally, 2.5kg of Instant Oats which can help to increase calorie intake in the form of low GI carbohydrates. This also includes a Myprotein Blender Bottle to allow you to mix all these as required. Hurricane XS 2.5kg, Strawberry1 serving (70g) post work-out and a further serving if required Zinc and Magnesium 90 capsules 2-3 capsules 30-60 minutes before bed BCAA Plus 90 tablets 3-5 Tablets 2-4 times daily for optimal results Total Nutri-Greens 330g, Tropical 2 servings of Total Nutri-Greens daily to help assist with a healthy, balanced diet Instant Oats 2.5kg, Unflavoured 100g serving as required . Myprotein Blender Bottle FLAVOURS, PRODUCTS AND SIZES ARE AS SHOWN AND MAY BE SUBSTITUTED WITHOUT NOTICE DEPENDENT ON STOCK LEVELS. Bundle RRP based on total price of individual product RRPs.

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Ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo Contribuisce alla crescita e al mantenimento della massa muscolare Perfetto per l’aumento della massa muscolare invernale

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Pacchetto Allenamento invernale - Fragola

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Pacchetto Allenamento invernale - Fragola